By calling a snow day early, Twin Cities schools keen to avoid making same mistake twice

"Better safe, than sorry" should be the new motto of Twin Cities schools.

It now looks like the snow predicted for the Twin Cities today will arrive a few hours later than expected.

Forecasts on Sunday suggested the winter storm system would likely arrive in the Twin Cities early-to-mid afternoon, only for the NWS to reveal on Monday morning it'll be delayed.

Now the heaviest stuff will hit during the evening commute.


– Snowstorm arrives: Big totals and a messy commute expected.

– Schools already starting to close ahead of snowstorm.

Most Twin Cities school districts were working off of Sunday's forecast when they called for a snow day last night, even though Monday's updated estimate suggests the ride home from school will be impacted, but perhaps not quite as severely as earlier anticipated. 

Not to be mistaken, snow is coming and forecasters do anticipate some rough rides home. 

But it's clear that school districts such as Minneapolis and St. Paul are taking no chances of repeating the mistakes of just 6 weeks ago, when they opted for a "wait and see" approach to pending snow.

Back on January 22, uncertainty about estimated snow levels led two of the state's biggest school districts to keep schools open, only for the system to shift during the day and hit the Twin Cities hard.

More than a foot of snow ended up falling at MSP Airport during the storm and the day ended with school buses getting stuck or crashing, with some students not getting home until several hours after the end of the school day.

As the Pioneer Press reported at the time, St. Paul schools superintendent Joe Gothard said: "Knowing what I know now … we definitely would have made a different decision."

It's a lesson they've heeded if today is any indication, with schools clearly taking no chances of history repeating itself. It looks as though parents appreciate it judging by the reaction on social media.

"Better safe, than sorry" should be the new motto for Twin Cities school districts.

Here, by the way, is what it looks like 40 miles northwest of the metro area this morning...

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