California filmmaker seeks funds to make 'Duluth is Horrible'

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If a San Francisco-based filmmaker has his way, he will make a non-offensive movie about Duluth that's called "Duluth is Horrible," the Pioneer Press reported.

Vincent Gargiulo is trying to raise $10,000 to make the film through a Kickstarter campaign. The idea of the proposed 20-minute film appears to focus more on the people than the city itself.

As of Friday afternoon, Gargiulo has raised $750 from 25 backers. He has three weeks to go to reach his $10,000 goal.

Garigiulo describes the film as "a series of vignettes chronicling a few lonely people in Duluth, MN searching for a connection in a bleak winter. It's a comedy. Sorta."

The filmmaker said "Duluth is Horrible" will be made up of short vignettes that "connect loosely," and scenes will "include the aftermath of a breakup from both sides, an older zookeeper on a online date, a Redditor complaining about his cat, a karaoke scene, a disillusioned Sex Chat girl, 5 people dressed as Carmen Miranda," among others.

Garigiulo's pitch for the money comes about a month after the Minnesota Film and TV commission announced new efforts to ramp up film productions in the state, beginning with the dramedy "Thanksgiving at Denny's" -- which will be shot on the Iron Range.

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