Calling all dinosaurs! There's a party for you on Saturday – and maybe a world record

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This weekend's dinosaur party in the Twin Cities may well be historic.

Wait, no ... it can't be. Because dinosaurs were prehistoric. And aren't they extinct?

Well, people dressed up as dinosaurs sure aren't. And nobody knows that better than the wacky folks behind Trex Tuesdays.

On Saturday those fun-loving Tyrannosauruses will be joined by a bunch of new friends as they try to set a record for the "World's Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Dinosaurs."

Best known for the weekly videos they post, the current installment of Trex Tuesdays has our Tyrannosaurus friends taking a trip to the mall.

We'd love to tell you where Saturday's "Prehistoric Party" is being held. But we can't.

It's a closely guarded secret known only to those from the Mesozoic Era.

And those who bought a ticket to the party (sales have ended).

In order to be counted toward the world record, Trex Tuesdays say, participants on Saturday must be dressed in a full body dinosaur costume. That means head to toe dino.

This is not just for T Rexes, though. All types of dinosaurs are welcome. But you must be a dinosaur that actually existed – no Barneys or Godzillas (sorry to break that harsh reality to Barney fans).

Trex Tuesdays have links to websites that can help you buy or make a costume. Folks who paid $120 for a Deluxe ticket to the party get an inflatable T Rex costume like the video stars wear.

Who are these people/TRexes?

Here again – it's a secret.

In an email interview with the Prior Lake American, the two lead instigators of Trex Tuesdays identified themselves only as a pair of young professionals living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Saturday's Prehistoric Party will include shooting video for future Trex Tuesday posts. They told the American they originally imagined getting 20 or so TRexes together but since their videos went viral they've heard from hundreds of them.

They also told the paper:

"So many comments and messages that we receive let us know that our videos make people laugh during difficult times in their lives. We love that we can provide a little distraction from the more serious and sad issues in our world and brighten people’s lives."

Which reminds us how much we enjoyed "Cinco de T-rex" a few weeks back.

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