Can a 'Hello' Adele parody video get people from Minneapolis to visit St. Paul?

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St. Paul is using Adele's "Hello" in an attempt to reconnect with Minneapolis.

The video – "Hello, Minneapolis! Love, St. Paul" (watch it above) – was produced by Visit St. Paul ahead of Adele's visit to the Xcel Energy Center next week.

"Have you ever been out of Uptown or left Dinkytown before?" the lyrics ask. "It's no secret that almost all of you can travel seven miles."

"There is a perceived notion that Minneapolis folks hang in Minneapolis because there couldn't possibly be anything cool for them in St. Paul," Adam Johnson, the vice president of marketing and media relations at Visit St. Paul, told BringMeTheNews.

The video aims to highlight all the things St. Paul has to offer, while poking a little fun at its neighbor to the west. Johnson says there's a friendly rivalry between the Twin Cities, and they wanted to keep that alive with this video.

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