You can plug your headphones into the new Doritos bag

It's a playlist in a bag.

Well, here's something you didn't know you needed ��� a Doritos bag that plays music.

The folks at Frito-Lay (the makers of Doritos) are releasing a limited-edition bag in partnership with Marvel Studios. The futuristic snack has a "retro cassette tape deck-inspired player" built into the packaging that plays the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Basically, it's a bag of Doritos that has a jack for you to plug your earbuds into.

It strictly plays the movie's soundtrack – AKA Awesome Mix Vol 2. The track list includes artists like Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison, Sam Cooke, and David Hasselhoff.

And even after you're done eating the cheesy chips, you can save the bag – it's rechargeable.

It's... pretty cool, we guess? If you're interested, they'll be for sale on Doritos' Amazon Friday (though the price hasn't been announced yet).

The movie comes out in early May – here's the trailer.

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