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Check out the awesome Prince-mobile we spotted in Minneapolis today

Someone spent a lot of money on this custom car.

Most artistic Prince memorials can be found on brick walls.

But simply admiring the side of a building was apparently not enough for a devoted Twin Cities fan named Gregg Aune, as evidenced by the 375-horsepower tribute parked outside GoMN's office Friday morning. 

As you can see, Aune's ride is a tricked out, fully customized Dodge Challenger, painted a rich shade of the star's favorite color (purple, aka "Love Symbol #2") and emblazoned with iconic Prince imagery. 

On top of that, it's also one mean, souped-up street machine. This baby's packing a powerful Hemi engine, and a "shaker hood" air intake

For you gearheads wondering what trim this is, Aune – who got wind of our story online and graciously stopped by to chat – tells GoMN it's an RT Shaker Plus, which starts at around the $40,000 mark goes up from there if you're looking at a new model.

In other words, Aune spared no expense on this beautiful rolling Prince memorial, especially considering the added expense of the artwork gracing the body.

And that's the best part. There's a pair of white doves on the hood (a tribute to "When Doves Cry," Aune's favorite Prince song), Prince's famous "formerly known as" symbol on the sides, and an elegant depiction of the Purple Rain album cover – the late star himself astride a motorcycle – on the trunk (pictured above). 

Aune tells us the custom work was handled by Leroys Customs in Coon Rapids, and took three weekends to finish. 

The proud owner of this special ride says since he rolled it out earlier this year, it's gotten no shortage of attention – and can even be a bit of a distraction. Aune says one driver even took out her phone to capture video of the car... while she was driving on the highway.

If you want to catch a glimpse for yourself, you'll have to get lucky, because the car will be disappearing from the roads for quite a while.

Aune says he'll be storing it in his garage for the winter and using his other vehicle during the cold season, proving that the Prince-mobile is just as elusive as its namesake. 

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