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Chef Andrew Zimmern really doesn't like Yelp

He says there are better ways to find good restaurants

Andrew Zimmern says there's a better way to find new restaurants than using the website Yelp. 

The star chef and Minnesota resident recently went on an "epic rant" when speaking to Business Insider, saying it "drives me crazy" and calling the website "useless." 

Zimmern told the publication Yelp doesn't show you the best quality places to eat, nor does it give you information about the menu. 

Instead, Zimmern suggests looking up a few food writers and chefs in the city where you're looking to eat, and check their Instagram and Twitter feeds for the places they've been going. 

Then, go to those, and skip using Yelp. 

You can watch video of Zimmern's rant or read the transcript of it here

He's done this before

This wasn't the first time the chef has gone on a rant about the review website. Back in 2012, Zimmer used his podcast Go Fork Yourself to criticize the website, saying: "Yelp essentially gives a tremendous forum for a bunch of uninformed morons to take down restaurants," according to Eater

Despite Zimmern despising the website, a lot of people use it. Yelp says since the website was started in July 2004, people have written roughly 127 million reviews. And it gets more than 180 million monthly visitors across its app, mobile website, and desktop website. 

GoMN has reached out to Yelp to see if it has a comment on Zimmern's most recent rant, and we'll update this story when we hear back. 

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