Chesney super-fan skips chemo to meet country star


Diane Grinde, 65, of Elk River, is a big Kenny Chesney fan. How big? She shows FOX 9 the "Kenny Chesney bathroom" at her house. "I bet you're thinking I'm obsessed," she says.

FOX 9 also reports that Grinde two years ago got a cancer diagnosis and was then given just months to live. On Friday, she skipped a chemotherapy treatment for the chance to meet the country music idol, FOX reports. Through a connection, her daughters Amanda and Ericka arranged for the meeting backstage. "You don't want to have any, 'I should have done this. We could've done more, had more moments,'" Amanda Bakken told FOX. "This was one of those moments."

"I'm 65 years old. I have end-stage adenocarcinoma," Grinde told FOX. "Who wrote the book on how I am supposed to act? I don't know how."

Chesney played to 43,940 fans, the highest attendance of any event ever held at Target Field, KSTP reported. The country music superstar delivered good music and good fun, the Star Tribune says in its review. Chesney is known for making big stadium shows feel personal, the Pioneer Press wrote.

Here's that FOX story:


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