Chrissy Teigen asks for Minneapolis food recommendations, gets sent a Matt's Jucy Lucy GIF

She was looking for food recommendations in Minneapolis when someone sent a Jucy Lucy GIF her way.
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Update: 4.30 p.m. 

The news you've all been waiting for, we now know where Chrissy Teigen ate in Minneapolis.

It was Smack Shack in the North Loop.

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We would never say a bad word about a Matt's Bar Jucy Lucy. 

One, because that'd be absurd; and two, because we don't want angry Minnesota Twitter coming after us like we're WashingtonPostwriters.

But at the same time, we're not sure the adjective Chrissy Teigen used to describe a Jucy Lucy is quite the one we'd pick.

Teigen tweeted Wednesday evening that she was in Minneapolis, and looking to eat.

So the suggestions from some of her 8.49 million followers started to roll in. 

That included a heads-up that Milkjam Creamery once named a tropical sorbet after her (though it's not on the menu anymore).

And then someone smartly recommended Matt's Bar for a Jucy Lucy, which included a lovely Boomerang of the melted cheese being squeezed out of the patty before being slurped back in during the rewind.

To which Teigen had this to say.

OK then. Strange word choice.

Teigen hasn't publicly tweeted/snapped/shared what she's doing in the Twin Cities. But she probably doesn't want to be away from her recently ill dog Puddy too long.

She's got plenty of food recommendations though for when she needs a bite to eat.

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