Cold spell to grip Minnesota well into April

Let's get it on with, Mother Nature.
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All the talk about March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb doesn't matter when you're so cold that you can't feel anything anyway – and that's Minnesota for you.  

The National Weather Service says "confidence is very high that a much colder pattern will develop by the end of the week, and last through the first week of April."

That means temps this weekend will be 10-30 degrees below normal in the northern half of the United States, according to The Weather Channel, including highs this weekend in the Twin Cities barely cracking 30 degrees. 

The average high temp in Minneapolis in April is 58 degrees, according to U.S. Climate Data. 

What's worse is that the cold spell could last into the second week of April, although AccuWeather expects spring temps to normalize in mid-April. 

According to the Climate Prediction Center, there's an 80 percent chance temps are below normal for all of Minnesota the first five days of April, and then a 60-70 percent chance temps remain below average through April 9. 

Enjoy Wednesday as temps soar to 50+ degrees in Minnesota, it might be the last taste of spring for a couple of weeks. 

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