Como Zoo welcomes a new baby gorilla to its troop

The mother, Alice, lost her previous child just days after the birth.

The Como Zoo is welcoming the third baby gorilla in the zoo's history. 

Alice – a 15-year-old western lowland gorilla – gave birth on Wednesday.

The baby girl weighed about 4 pounds, and is described as "healthy, strong, and is bonding with Alice," the zoo said in a news release Monday

This is the second time Alice has given birth. In 2014, her baby died after just a few days.

"With this birth, everything is tracking as it should. Alice has shown herself to be very attentive, very nurturing, and very protective of her new baby, just as we hoped she would," John Dee, curator at Como Zoo, said in a statement. He noted first-time gorilla moms are more likely to have trouble raising a baby. 

Alice, the baby gorilla (who hasn't been named), and the gorilla's father Schroeder – along with the three other gorillas in their troop – are currently off exhibit so they can bond. (You can still see the three other gorillas who aren't part of Schroeder's troop if you go to the zoo.)

The Como Zoo said gorilla mothers are very protective of their babies, noting they'll carry the infant on their chest for the first three months.

“Mom will let other family members see the baby and they will take their cues from mom as to how close they can be," Jo Kelly, senior zookeeper, said in the release.

When the baby is older and can move around on her own, other family members will get to play with her.

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