Cottage View Drive-In sign, screen, projector going to park in Hastings


Fans of the now-defunct Cottage View Drive-In movie theater in Cottage Grove will apparently will have a chance to relive their fond memories of the place at a historical theme park in Hastings, the Pioneer Press reports.

The sign from the drive-in, along its screen and projector are set to be moved to Little Log House Pioneer Village, theater owner Gerry Herringer says.

The Hastings City Council is expected to approve the transfer of the sign and equipment next week.

The Cottage View Drive-In closed this fall after 46 years in business. Herringer said one of the reasons for the closing came with the expense of converting his projection system from film to digital, which would have cost $100,000.

Herringer says while film is being phased out in favor of digital, prints still exist, meaning movies could be potentially be shown at the Pioneer Village on occasion.

The old location of the drive-in will now be a Wal-Mart Supercenter, which the Cottage Grove City Council approved in December. Construction on the 178,000 square-foot facility will begin in April.

The new Hastings locale appears to be the perfect retirement home for the Cottage View Drive-In remnants. The Pioneer Village is home to a variety of abandoned signs and buildings, including the former Porky's drive-in restaurant in St. Paul, the Pioneer Press says.

The Pioneer Village site also has more than 50 preserved buildings, including a village hall, church, jail and saloon, as well as restored antique vehicles.

The closure of the Cottage View left only the Vali-Hi in Lake Elmo as the only drive-in theater in the metro area.

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