Courageous cancer fighters immortalized as superheroes by MN artist


They're courageous, strong, and graceful fighters, and a Minnesota artist thinks they're the closest thing we've got to superheroes.

For the past few years, Barbara Porwit has been inspired by friends of hers who have been battling breast cancer, and has immortalized their bravery on canvas as superheroes.

Porwit's creations have included portraits of breast cancer survivors in the guise of Wonder Woman, as well as superheroes named "The Ruby Runner," "The Alchemist," and "Radiation Diva."

"We select up to four subjects per year to go through a very personalized process of imagining themselves as their superhero of choice and then seeing that image created, bigger than life, in an original oil painting of them in their glory," she says on her website.

Porwit is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, where she earned bachelor's and master's degrees in fine arts. She has also studied at the University of Essex in England.

National exposure

She first debuted her Breast Cancer Superhero Portrait Project at Minneapolis' Fox Egg Gallery in 2013, the Pioneer Press reports. But her work is now attracting a much larger audience, which peaked Wednesday on World Cancer Day.

As well as being featured in this month's edition of Minnesota Woman's Press, Porwit's work has been noticed by the Women You Should Know website and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, an online community championing young women, created by the Parks and Recreation star.

Porwit first got the idea when she painted her son, who has special needs, as Spider-man, and said the portrait revealed "his qualities of courage and strength."

"I kept hearing about women I knew being diagnosed with breast cancer. It was in the midst of their treatments that I saw these same women turning their health challenges into personal power," she told Women You Should Know. "I wanted to capture that and to inspire these women to see the superhero inside themselves."

Porwit's latest work is currently on display at the Katherine Nash Gallery at the University of Minnesota as part of its WonderWomen exhibition, which runs until Saturday, Feb. 14.

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