Crew shoots film in Minnesota based on end of 'Fargo' movie


If you're ever wondering what happened to the $1 million in ransom money Steve Buscemi's character stashed at the end of the Coen Brothers' quirky crime thriller "Fargo," a new independent film production is trying to come up with some answers.

According to the South Washington County Bulletin, Austin, Texas, filmmaking brothers David and Nathan Zellner recently spent several days filming in Washington County shooting "Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter," which plays off the crucial scene in "Fargo."

In the scene, Buscemi buries a bag of full of ransom money in the snow near a barb-wired fence by some desolate Minnesota farm field. Of course, since he meets his fate in a wood chipper, the money, in all its cinematic lore, remains there.

The Zellner brothers movie takes it from there with an interesting take on life imitating art -- or is it?

The title character, Kumiko, is a young Japanese woman who travels to Minnesota thinking that the buried loot is actually real, and tries to find it. The story is reportedly true, but a production staffer on the film says it's an urban legend.

The Bulletin says the Zellners assembled a 30-person crew and spent several days filming in Afton Alps ski resort and a farm field in Cottage Grove.

Other locations included Newport Drug, Bailey School Forest Park and the Boyd Motel in Newport the North Pole Restaurant -- an eatery across the road from Tinucci's Restaurant, where a scene from "Fargo" was filmed in 1995.

Crew members released few details about the filming, telling the Bulletin that one of cast members involved might invite some unwanted attention.

The film is set for a 2014 release.

"Fargo," meanwhile, continues to live on through social media. The film -- which earned Oscars for Best Actress for star Frances McDormand, and Best Original Screenplay for Joel and Ethan Coen -- has more than 327,000 likes on its Facebook page.

For refresher of "Fargo" -- including a glimpse of Buscemi burying the money -- see the trailer below.

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