Humorous critique: Minnesota town logos are lame

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Ever glance up at your town's water tower and wonder: What's up with that logo?

To be sure, some city branding efforts are better than others. In a recent post on, a cities-and-towns blog, writer Bill Lindeke has a chat with an anonymous but witty "real life graphic designer" about a number of Minnesota's town logos.

The two throw a few funny barbs in a red-carpet-fashion-style critique of the city brands. A sampling:

Streets: What'dya think of this one? To me, it makes me think of Grimace from McDonald’s.

RLGD: I like the typeface for Richfield, but they should get rid of everything else. And yes, that is Grimace Purple.

Streets: God, what font is that? It’s like the word “Eagan” is draining into a sewer.

RLGD: Plus the tree always looked like the back of a woman’s head to me.

Streets: Kinda like that “optical illusion” thing with the old woman and the young woman!

Streets: OK, apart from the fact that there aren’t any white pine forests in Blaine ...

RLGD: No, just Aveda Headquarters. That logo would make a nice iron-on.

Streets: Yes! reminds me of a thrift store sweatshirt.

Check out the rest of the banter here.

Commenters on the critique added a few others to the list of bad logos, including Woodbury's, which one resident calls the "naughtiest in the world":

In a separate critique, graphic designer Matthias Leyrer sees a certain irony in Mankato's logo, unveiled recently as part of the city's new brand "Now Playing."

Leyrer's complaint: The logo features a cyclist, and there is not a single bike lane on any of Mankato's roads (although there are some nice trails in and around town).

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