A curious bear has been exploring yards in a Minnesota city

One resident said the bear had charged at him and his dog.

There have been several sightings of a black bear that's been making the rounds in Bayport, Minnesota this week – at one point charging a resident and his dog.

Bayport Police has issued an advisory about the bear, which appears to be on its own and an "adolescent that is curious/searching for food."

It's been spotted on several streets, including 3rd Street South, Lakeside Park, and Point Road in recent days, and homeowners are being asked to take steps to ensure the bear isn't enticed into more populated areas.

One resident, Jon Legato, snapped several pictures of the bear in the yard of his home in Lakeside Park on Tuesday morning, shortly after his 21-year-old son had called him to say he'd spotted a bear a block west of their house.

"He was kind of rooting around," he told the Pioneer Press. "Garbage pickup was yesterday, so bad timing on his part in terms of getting into the cans."

KARE 11 reports that after leaving the Legato yard, he ran into another neighbor who said the bear charged him and his dog as they walked in a park, getting within 10-15 yards of them.

The Minnesota DNR has issued advice to residents of Bayport about how to avoid an unwanted visit from a curious bear.

  • Take in bird feeders at night or eliminate them entirely.
  • Avoid leaving garbage outdoors.
  • Avoid feeding pets outdoors, and don’t leave pet food outside at night.
  • Keep garbage cans tightly closed and occasionally clean them with ammonia.
  • Clean and put away outdoor grills after using them.
  • Never approach or attempt to feed a bear. Go inside and give the bear room to escape.
  • Keep dogs inside.

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