'Current' DJ Mary Lucia steps back in front of mic for triumphant return



"Mary Jane's Last Dance"? Not quite.

Try "Won't Back Down."

That was the first song beloved DJ Mary Lucia played upon her return to the airwaves on The Current on Monday, and it was an ironic choice.

Hours earlier, another Tom Petty ballad, the somber "Mary Jane," was among the songs listeners picked when asked to call in "Mary"-themed tunes, according to the station. In a way, it almost seemed to fit; Lucia had had to bow out from the radio game to deal with a stalker and a lengthy court case that is still underway.

"This has been a tough year for me," she wrote when she announced her leave of absence in April. "I have been stalked, by someone I do not know, at both work and home. I hope no one else ever has to go through this."

She stated that she would return, giving no idea of when that might be other than "soon." But after months out of the spotlight, she emerged last week and announced – to widespread cheers – that she would be stepping back before the microphone.

"After much careful thought, even though this whole drama is far from being over," she wrote last Monday, "I'm returning to work and genuinely feel excited to reconnect with my buddies at The Current, and of course with you my friends, the listeners."

In light of that, "I Won't Back Down" – which Tom Petty wrote after suffering a series of personal misfortunes, AllMusic says – seems a much more appropriate song to herald Lucia's decidedly triumphant return.


This kicks off a regular Monday-Thursday, 2-6 p.m. schedule for Lucia, according to the station.

The Current, an independent and alternative music station, is a service of Minnesota Public Radio.

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