Cute! All 3 chicks have hatched on the EagleCam livestream

Look at the three beautiful babies.

It's the moment all EagleCam livestream viewers have been waiting for: the third and final chick has hatched.

The first two eaglets were welcomed into the world on Thursday. Then by Friday night, the third egg had really started pipping (when the chick starts cracking through the shell).

So that last eaglet must have hatched either Friday night or Saturday morning. And mom, dad, and all three babies appear to be doing great.

You can watch the big reveal of all three chicks here.

And if you're curious about names, a group of thousands of DNR EagleCam viewers appears to have come to a consensus. The first eaglet is being called Storm Chaser. The second is Rain Dancer, and the most recent is Thunder Jumper.

Mom and Dad are just ... Mom and Dad. If you want some tips on telling them apart, click here.

You can watch the live EagleCam stream here.

Worth remembering: This is nature and eagles are carnivores. The nest gets a bit gorey at times.

“Natural struggles will occur and some of the feeding or other wild bird behaviors may be difficult to watch,” the DNR warns.

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