Cute video alert: These rescued foxes think they're puppies

They'll even play fetch ... if they feel like it.

What's it like to have a pet fox?

We asked 22-year-old Mikayla Raines that question because she currently has five foxes at her family's place in Lakeville. She rescues the animals from fur farms – places that raise foxes just for their soft fur coats.

"They're very different from a cat or a dog," Raines explained. "It's hard to describe them because they're a fox."

She said foxes are similar to dogs – if they stayed like destructive, playful puppies their whole lives. And similar to cats in that foxes do what they want, when they want.

But they're definitely not indoor pets – unless you're like Raines and willing to get rid of all your furniture (foxes will destroy everything).

You can read more about Raines and her rescued foxes here.

For information on sponsoring or adopting one of her foxes, visit her website. She also posts all kinds of adorable photos on her Instagram.

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