'Dateline' highlights story of MN teen who overdosed on synthetic drugs


"Dateline" turned a national spotlight on the story of 17-year-old Tara Fitzgerald, a Woodbury teenager who died of an overdose in 2014, to highlight the growing problem of synthetic drugs in Minnesota and across the United States.

The episode, titled "One Small Dose," aired Sunday on NBC.

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Fitzgerald was found unresponsive at her home in Woodbury on Jan. 11, 2014, after deciding to experiment with drugs. She died hours later.

Investigators discovered the drug she tried was a synthetic drug technically known as 25i-NBOMe (more commonly called "N-Bomb"). It's a synthetic hallucinogen that is being sold as a substitute to LSD, but can be much more potent.

Synthetic drugs, including 25i-NBOMe, have been linked to multiple deaths across the United States and has prompted alerts from local and federal officials.

"I never would have thought she'd take anything – never in a million years," Fitzgerald's mother says in the preview for the "Dateline" episode.

The Fitzgeralds are sharing their daughter's story in hopes that other parents will learn from their loss.

"We all feel immune to drugs because our kids are better than that – they know better, they're going to be smarter and it's not going to happen to us. Well, it can happen to anybody," Fitzgerald's father said in the preview video.

Five teenagers were charged and convicted in connection to providing the drug that led to Fitzgerald's death.

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