Deadspin reviewer lays into 'The Mighty Ducks'

Mighty Ducks? More like Mighty Sucks, according to Deadspin.
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Grab your pitchforks, someone has just criticized Minnesota.

Well not Minnesota specifically, but "The Mighty Ducks," the Twin Cities-set kids movie that is an ode to the state's obsession with hockey.

It's come to the attention of Deadspin's Hannah Keyser, who is currently making her way through old sports movies and giving her ten cents on them.

You can watch her video review here, but you can guess what her view is by the headline: "The Mighty Ducks is a mediocre movie with an utterly unsympathetic protagonist."

For some criticisms, she has a point.

On "cake-eater" Adam Banks, she describes his arc as "the story of how two grown-ass men low-key ruin his life while they're trying to re-litigate a feud from back before he was even born."

On our hero, Gordon Bombay, she argues: "The sympathetic figure is a rich, successful white lawyer dude who drinks and drives and we're supposed to be like 'oh no, poor him he was 10 and missed a shot in a hockey game.'"

But this one we take particular issue with.

"I don't buy into the idea that everybody including current professional hockey players, kindly Scandinavian skate shop owners and evil coaches are like 'Ah the one who got away, the guy who was good as a pre-teen.'"

Maybe she is probably forgetting the American obsession with school sports, and she certainly doesn't get the Minnesota obsession with hockey.

Also, it's Minnesota ... we're a state of people who live in the past, especially with sports.

If Gordon Bombay had tore it up as a kid in Twin Cities hockey, destroying every other team before missing a shot to win the title – hell yeah people would remember that, even Minnesota North Stars players (RIP North Stars).

By the way, she also failed to mention the BEST part of the entire movie, this exchange after Adam Banks drew a penalty in the title game.

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