Deer gets loose in Minnesota Walmart before being tackled by shopper

Just another day at Walmart.

A typical day at Walmart. You pick up some fruit and veg, peruse the pizzas, wrestle a deer to the ground and then bulk buy some ground beef.

Wait, what was that about the deer?

Yes, that was the situation for a shopper at the Walmart in Wadena on Tuesday. A deer made it onto the shop floor before he managed to tackle it to the ground.

A picture of the aftermath was shared on Facebook by Susan Horstmann, showing bemused shoppers looking at the fresh venison that suddenly became available in the meat section.

One commenter said the deer apparently got spooked by something, causing it to run into the store.

It was in the dog food section that the burly shopper brought it to the ground, with Wadena Police confirming to the Forum News Service this all unfolded around 7:30 p.m.

The deer was brought back outside and set free, the news organization notes, with nobody injured.

There's been an unusual amount of deer-related Walmart news in recent months. WYMT reported a very similar occurrence at the Walmart in Pikeville, Kentucky, in March that saw wildlife officials eventually help it out of the store.

Rather more grim, in November a Virginia shopper was spotted with a bloody deer carcass in his Walmart cart as he sat near the entrance of the store. A woman who spotted it, and whose photograph went viral, summed it up to the Daily Progress as "just one of those crazy Walmart pictures."

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