Demand for 'Hamilton' tickets causes immediate chaos for  Hennepin Theater

If you try for tickets over the phone, expect a long wait.
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As expected, call volumes and website traffic to buy tickets to "Hamilton" are through the roof today, and it's creating a significant backup. 

"Hamilton," the hit Broadway musical, is coming to Minneapolis later this year and tickets for the show were made available at 10 o'clock this morning. The result was an immediate wave of calls and website traffic, which crashed the Hennepin Theater Trust website and put callers on hold for long periods of time. 

A spokesperson from the Trust told MPR that it's simply a delay and that nobody is losing their would-be tickets to other buyers. 

The website is up and running again, but wait times on the phone are still long. 

Tickets to see Hamilton are only currently available for season subscribers and it's unclear when individual tickets will be made available. 

The cost of a season subscription starts at $359 all the way up to $1,019, which gives you access to eight Broadway shows coming to the Orpheum. 


Here's how you can get tickets to 'Hamilton' in Minneapolis

More info on the eight shows right here

If you'd like to wait a very long time on the phone, you can do so by calling 800-859-7469.

Hamilton will be there for six weeks later this year, Aug. 29-Oct. 7. 

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