Despite firing, Gatenby will still dance at Twin Cities charity event

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Former KSTP traffic reporter Rusty Gatenby is going to put his best foot forward at a Minneapolis charity event despite losing his job earlier this month.

Gatenby tells the Pioneer Press that he's still on the dance card at the "Dancing with the Twin Cities Celebrities" event scheduled for Saturday at the Marriot City Center in Minneapolis. He was let go from KSTP Feb. 3, a couple weeks after he was arrested on suspicion of DWI in Excelsior Jan. 19.

The former TV personality broke the news of his departure on his Facebook page, but initially didn't say why he was leaving. He worked at the station for more than three decades, and told the Pioneer Press that he appreciated his time at KSTP.

"I challenge anyone to have 30 years at a job and have as much fun as I had," he told the paper. "I'm not angry – it was great. And there's more to come. I'm not done yet."

Gatenby, 53, declined to speak specifically about the DWI arrest with the Pioneer Press, only saying that the situation was "embarrassing."

Gatenby says he's doing the event because he didn't want to let its organizers down, and noted that they've been "very supportive." Gatenby is competing to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Pioneer Press says his mother is a breast cancer survivor.

Other participants in the event include JD Greene (K102), Aristea Brady (WCCO-TV), Sue Falls (KOOL 108), Bryan Piatt (KARE-TV) and Karen Sorbo (benefit auctioneer).

Gatenby, who also did celebrity interviews for the station, told the Star Tribune that it's "tough to say" whether he'll miss hobnobbing with the stars.

"My immediate reaction was yeah," Gatenby said. "Hopefully, I’ll be back. I’ll do that again. The other part of me is, 'Who haven’t I talked to?' Go through the list. I’ve talked to Paul McCartney three times. Mick Jagger. Tom Hanks. Paul Newman. How many hotel rooms can you stay in? I’m kind of OK with 'Let’s move on.'"

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