Did Minnesota's Becca K. make it to The Bachelor final?

The drama is high and the drama is real.

The world would be a better place if every person on the planet met Arie Luyendyk Jr., because he apparently loves everyone. 

On Monday's penultimate episode of The Bachelor, Arie told all three of the remaining contestants that he was in love with them, including Prior Lake, Minnesota native Becca K.

But their alone time in Peru wasn't without high, ridiculous, manufactured drama. 

After a night together inside a tent in the Peruvian desert, Arie and Becca's love was interrupted when her ex-boyfriend, Ross, somehow gained access to the set of one of the world's most popular reality TV shows and tried to win back Becca's heart. 

Um, sorry, pal. Go home and don't come back. That's basically what Becca told her ex-man, and he went home without stealing The Bachelor's potential wife. 

Yes, Becca wasn't kicked off the island, she got a rose to advance to the championship game where she will compete with Lauren in next week's finale.

Going home is Kendall, who never said "love you" to Arie. Big mistake, Kendall. Big mistake. 


Minnesota's Becca K. has a great shot to win The Bachelor

Anyway, the connection between Arie and Becca has been easy to see all season, so we're not entirely surprised that a Minnesota woman has made it to the end.

Now all we gotta do is hope to Cupid that Becca K. doesn't throw across her body in the title game like Brett Favre did and cost Minnesota fans another shot at the top of the mountain. 

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