Did Scott Walker's 2014 mischief curse the Packers at U.S. Bank Stadium?

This internet theory goes back to some mischief the governor tried back in 2014.

The Packers have not had a good time playing in Minnesota the past two seasons.

In 2016 the Vikings stymied Green Bay's offense on the way to a 17-14 victory, Minnesota's first meaningful game at U.S. Bank Stadium. And just a couple weeks ago the Vikings not only toppled the Packers 23-10, but future Hall of Fame QB Aaron Rodgers also suffered a broken collarbone during the game.

And one Reddit user has a brilliant theory about whose fault it is

As "Nimblenewt" theorizes, this can all be traced back to the mischief of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. 


They're holding prayer vigils in Wisconsin for Aaron Rodgers' collarbone

Back in 2014, when the new Vikings Stadium was in the early stages of construction, Walker visited the Wisconsin company River Steel, which was providing some of the materials for U.S. Bank Stadium.

While there, Walker tried to be sneaky – he wrote "Go Packers" on one of the steel beams in line to be sent to Minneapolis for stadium construction.

Fortunately, the builders noticed the scribble and scrubbed it off before the beam was used. So the Vikings and their fans avoided that potential embarrassment. 

But only misfortune has fallen upon the Pack at U.S. Bank Stadium since the incident.

"Coincidence? or did Scott Walker anger the old gods?" Nimblenewt wrote in his thread, which was aptly titled:

"Did Scott Walker curse the Packers at US Bank Stadium by writing 'Go Packers' on a beam meant for the stadium?"

Is there any concrete evidence for this? No – because it was steel, like we mentioned above, remember? (Dads everywhere are chuckling.)

But curses work in mysterious ways. There's no rhyme or reason to the gut-punch losses suffered by Vikings fans for decade now. And this theory by Nimblenewt ... it's strong.

So this is for you, Nimblenewt:

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