Dog and goat best friends found taking a stroll down a Minnesota highway

This is not fake news, it actually happened near Hastings.
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Dog and goat

Man's best friend? Not the dog that was found strolling down a suburban highway with its best friend goat on Saturday. 

The Minnesota State Patrol says it got a call around 4 p.m. on Saturday about a dog and goat walking together on Hwy. 61 near Hastings. 

Their buddy road movie came to an end when some drivers stopped and kept them safe until police could arrive.

Lt. Gordon Shanks then showed up and helped get them to the Animal Humane Society. 


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The Humane Society told Minnesota State Patrol that the dog and goat were "very attached to one another.”

In the end the Humane Society was able to trace the animals' owner, who then came to bring them home.

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