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Dog owner gets international support after MN city decides to enforce old kennel rule

75,000 have signed a petition to save a Basset Hound from being re-homed

A woman's petition to stop the city of Wadena from forcing her to get rid of one of her dogs is attracting international attention.

Amber Block was informed by local police they had decided to enforce an old kennel ordinance stating residents cannot keep more than two dogs without a license.

Facing the prospect of re-homing the oldest of her three Basset hounds, Flash, Block started a petition against the rarely-used ordinance, a petition that as of Friday has attracted almost 75,000 signatures from all over the world.

On the website, she accuses police of unfairly targeting her, claiming the city's mayor "has a list of over 30 houses with 'too many dogs'"

"We have a senior Basset with heart problems who takes medications twice daily," she writes. "We have a special needs Basset hound who gets medications daily. We rescued him a sister to be his therapy dog.

"We rescued Flash 6 years ago, and couldn't stand to give him up! I am being discriminated against and would love your support to 'Keep Flash Home!'"

She says she hasn't received a complaint about any of her dogs since a year ago, when some neighbors complained about the noise and she put up a new privacy fence based on the advice of a police officer. When she's out of the house, she says her three dogs wear bark collars.

But a police spokesperson told Valley News Live there has been a complaint this year, along with four made last year. Neighbor Michelle Goldie said she had complained to Block on several occasions about the noise her dogs make.

The city's mayor told the TV station the ordinance is rarely enforced, but on occasions they do enforce it, it always follows complaints that have been made.

Four other homes in the city are in the process of re-homing pets because of the two-dog rule, Valley News Live adds.

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