Don't be afraid to dine out on Halloween

Here's a new trick to try on October 31.

Halloween consumers are expected to spend $2.7 billion on candy this year – but the holiday is also an opportunity to revel in everything else worth eating. 

Unlike Valentine's Day, Halloween doesn't exactly scream, "Let's snag a last-minute table at Bellecour." But that might be a good thing for you. Restaurants are notoriously empty on many holidays and Halloween is one of them. If you’ve been dying to get into a place with limited space, this is the night.

A quick search of the following difficult-to-get reservations revealed the following open tables: 

There a 9 p.m. at Young Joni; 8:45 at Bellecour; 8:30 at Spoon & Stable; and virtually any time at all at the white-hot new North Loop sushi restaurant Kado No Mise. A lot more places are still wide open, according to OpenTable

For spots that don't take reservations, but fill up fast, it's a safe bet that unless they've got a specific Halloween event going on that they're hosting fewer guests than usual. Plus, it's a Tuesday. So get out there and eat. If something's missing, have some M&M's when you get home. 

A few restaurants have special foodie-worthy events planned for the holiday. Corner Table is having a Billecart-Salmon (read: fancy) Champagne dinner on October 31. Tickets are $150, and they're promising "heavy handouts" of this gorgeous wine, plus five courses from the kitchen. Buy tickets here. 

Also, Doug Flicker (formerly of Piccolo) and his wife and partner Amy Greely's much-anticipated bar Bull's Horn is opening at long last on Halloween at 4 p.m. And, costumes and kiddos are welcome if you want to get into the spirit at least a tiny bit.

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