Don't worry guys, McDonald's is releasing even more Szechuan sauce

Many 'Rick and Morty' fans were disappointed.
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For those who went to McDonald's on Saturday in hopes of getting some of the coveted Szechuan sauce, don't you worry.

McDonald's is bringing the sauce back again this winter, and promises to make enough this time.

In a tweet on Sunday, McDonald's said when it releases more sauce it won't be just a one-day thing at a handful of restaurants. 

"We're bringing more – a lot more – so that any fan who's willing to do whatever it takes for Szechuan sauce will only have to ask for it at a nearby McDonald's," the statement said. 

This comes after people waited in super long lines on Saturday at the very select McDonald's restaurants (there were two in Minnesota) that were serving the sauce. 

And most people left disappointed. Apparently there were only 20 packets of sauce per restaurant. 

McDonald's decided to finally release more of its Szechuan sauce (it hasn't been around since 1998 when Disney's Mulan was in theaters) after a successful push from fans of the cartoon Rick and Morty. 

They petitioned McDonald's to bring it back after an episode was dedicated to the main character, Rick, trying to get his hands on the stuff. 

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