Don't worry, you're not a couch potato – you're a binge racer

Netflix says watching an entire season the day it comes out is something to brag about.
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Pick up the remote and click "continue," because there's no need to feel guilty when Netflix asks "Are you still watching?"

The streaming service is celebrating a new kind of fan: viewers who watch an entire season less than 24 hours after it comes out. 

You watched every single episode of Stranger Things in a row the minute it dropped? Kudos. Netflix says that kind of speed watching is an "achievement to be proud of and brag about." 

After all, you don't need to worry about spoilers when you're the first person to finish the show.

Netflix has even coined a super cool name for those of us who stay glued to the screen. Couch potatoes? Yeah right. We're "binge racers."

"Accomplishing in a day what takes others weeks to achieve, Binge Racers strive to be the first to finish by speeding through an entire season within 24 hours of its release," the company says.

Binge racers are on the rise. Between 2013 and 2016, the amount of launch day finishers increased more than 20 times over, Netflix says, and 8.4 million members have accomplished the feat at least once.

“There’s a unique satisfaction that comes from being the first to finish a story -- whether it's the final page of a book or the last, climactic moments of your favorite TV show." Brian Wright, Vice President, Original Series said in a news release.

In a time where more and more consumers are cutting the cord in favor of streaming services, some researchers predict that Netflix, Hulu, and other services with original content could some day make cable obsolete.

And as binge racing becomes more popular, future generations may never know what it's like to be left questioning a cliffhanger for a week. 

“Netflix allows you to watch in a way you never could before," Wright said.

Who are they?

"TV is their passion and Binge Racing is their sport," Netflix says.

Before you assume that racers are just basement-dwelling couch potatoes, think again. They are all of us.

Netflix says binge watchers live everywhere and watch everything.

But there are some notable racers – five members in the U.S. have watched all five seasons of House of Cards the day they were released, and a member in France has already raced through 30 shows this year alone.

What are they watching?

"Shows of all shapes, sizes, genres and formats," Netflix says.

Of course, 30-minute shows like Master of None, GLOW and Dear White People are easy to burn through, but viewers are consuming hour-long thrillers like Stranger Things, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black with just as much intensity.

The show with the most global racers in its 24 hour debut was Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. But Netflix says the top spot is different for every country.

"Fuller House reigns supreme in Ecuador, Club de Cuervos scored the no. 1 slot in Mexico, and Marvel’s The Defenders takes the cake (er, The Hand) in Korea," the company says.

So which country has the most binge racers? Hint: they can't get enough of Randy and Mr. Lahey (RIP).

"Canada clocks in with the highest percentage of 24 hour finishers (we blame the snow). Their binge of choice? None other than national treasure Trailer Park Boys," Netflix says.

The U.S. comes in second place for most binge racers. Check out the top 20 binge raced shows and top 20 binge racing countries here.

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