Identity of Internet's sensational 'drumming grandma' revealed


The La Crosse Tribune has revealed the identity of the YouTube sensation dubbed “grandma drummer.”

Mary Hvizda, 63, of Onalaska is one of the newspaper's carriers. Hvizda was unaware that her impromptu set at a La Crosse music shop had gone viral until she was delivering the Tribune on Saturday and saw her own picture on the front page.

Employees of the Coalition Drum Shop posted the video of the bespectacled, white haired Hvidza playing the drums on Thursday. The video had some 100,000 views by Friday and racked up 1 million more 24 hours later. The number continues to rise; it was almost at 2 million by Sunday afternoon.

Hvizda began playing the drums at 16 and was in a marching band and a drum corps in her youth. As an adult she played with a variety of La Crosse bands. The newspaper reported that she quit playing in 1990, when she sold her drum set to make ends meet.Hvizda picked her drumsticks back up when Coalition Drum Shop opened last year and offered the opportunity to play free of charge at the shop.

“I guess I just wanted to play music and have fun,” Hvizda told the newspaper. “Thank you for making me feel important.”

By the way, the drumming grandma isn’t a grandma.

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