Why do ducklings keep getting stuck in storm drains?

Sewers can be dangerous for ducklings.
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With the weather as warm and beautiful as it's been, it's hard not to go out for a stroll with friends and family.

Ducks apparently think so too. They're out, often with little duckings trailing close behind.

Unfortunately, it can be a dangerous time for the birds. You may have seen the stories of ducks falling into storm drains. It happened in Chisholm, and more recently in Savage and Fargo.

Bryan Lueth with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources tells BringMeTheNews it probably has to do with how the ducklings follow their parents to wetlands.

He believes the birds cross the road and are often too small to get up over the curb, so they just walk alongside it.

Then when they come across a storm drain, it's difficult for them to cross since the drain grates are bigger than they are.

So when the birds try to waddle across it, they fall through the grates and into the storm sewer.

Of course this can and has happened to other small animals as well. But Lueth says it seems to be most common with ducklings.

If you see this happen or stumble across any animal stuck in a drain, Lueth says to call the city and they should be able to find help.



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