Duluth photographers bring outdoors to man paralyzed in crash

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Northland's Newscenter has the story of a group of Duluth-area photographers who brought the natural beauty of northern Minnesota to a man who was paralyzed in a car accident seven years ago.

Dereck Lockwood is unable to move from the neck down, and he has longed to regularly visit many of the places he loves, including parks and lakes.

His mother Linda Lockwood contacted a local group called Destination Duluth, hoping one of its 70 photographers might be willing to send Lockwood a print of an image of Duluth's outdoors. But a number of them responded, and soon Lockwood had received a dozen photos, with more on the way. She and Lockwood were grateful for the response, Northland's Newscenter reported.

Jerry Thoreson, a Destination Duluth official, said, "It really touched me. I could see the tears through the screen, you know as far as our messages. And I appreciate that. That's what Christmas is all about."

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