Dustin's brontosaurus hoodie from 'Stranger Things 2' has arrived at the Science Museum

Here's how to get the Science Museum's bronto hoodie worn in 'Stranger Things 2.'

From the mists of the distant past it came lumbering. 

And now the "Terrible Lizard" has finally completed its long journey from the 1980s back into modern times.

The vintage purple brontosaurus hoodie worn by Dustin in the Netflix hit Stranger Things is finally available for purchase at the Science Museum of Minnesota. 

Sales will begin at 8 a.m. Tuesday, the museum says

You can get them at this web page. Or you can head down to the museum shop in St. Paul where a limited number of the hoodies – as well as crew necks and T-shirts in the same design – will go on sale at 9:30. 

What are we talking about?

In case you missed it, the second season of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things opened with one of the main characters, Dustin Henderson, sporting a sweatshirt that was sold at the Science Museum of Minnesota back in the '80s. 


Soon you can own that cool Science Museum of Minnesota sweater in 'Stranger Things 2'

For more than a week the museum has been flooded with calls, emails, and messages from people wanting to get ahold of one of those hoodies featuring the brontosaurus skeleton. 

But they stopped selling them three decades ago so they didn't have any on hand. Until now. 

Certificate of authenticity, too

While the Science Museum scrambled to reactivate its brontosaurus pipeline, lots of knock-off hoodies popped up.

Now those who held out for the real thing will get a certificate of authenticity along with their sweatshirt, the museum says.

"Many of us who work here are huge fans of the Stranger Things series," a spokeswoman for the Science Museum told GoMN last week. "We are thrilled by the opportunity to offer apparel that delights and inspires Science Museum of Minnesota fans across the world," Kim Ramsden said.

People who are supporting members of the museum will get first crack at the limited number of shirts in the gift shop during a pre-sale from 8 until 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

If they sell out, don't worry: a new shipment is expected later in the week. 

The hoodies, crew necks, and T-shirts all come in adult and kids sizes and range in price from 15 to 40 dollars. 

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