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E.coli forces closure of Twin Cities beach

There's a chance it could re-open by the weekend.

Authorities in Bloomington have closed a swimming beach after levels of E.coli in the water.

The city announced that it shut Bush Lake Beach to swimmers on Tuesday, after bacteria found in the water was "above the recommended standard."

Several beaches across the Twin Cities metro have experienced the same issue with E.coli. Bloomington says water quality readings are being partly impacted by recent heavy rains, which has increased runoff into lakes.

E.coli contamination can also be caused by waste from waterfowl including geese and ducks, as well as boaters dumping waste overboard

Other beaches affected by the bacteria this summer include some on Lake Minnetonka, in Excelsior and Wayzata.

Ingesting E.coli bacteria can sicken swimmers, leading to diarrhea, abdominal cramps and potentially more serious medical problems.

The City of Bloomington said in a news release that it will continue to take water quality readings, and hopes that the beach will re-open on Friday.

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