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Eagles fans flock to downtown Minneapolis gay bar to catch the Super Bowl

It sounds like they had a blast.

Eagles fans in town but without Super Bowl tickets found the perfect venue to catch their team's victory over the Patriots: The Eagle Bolt Bar in downtown Minneapolis.

The venue on Washington Avenue South welcomed an influx of Philly fans, some of whom were enticed by the bar's name, thinking it was a bar for Eagles fans.

In reality, it's a gay bar, prompting some amused reactions among Minneapolitans.

But Eagle Bolt Bar owner Ed Hopkins admits he was surprised by the tweets from gay and straight people about the Eagles invasion.

"It assumes there is something wrong with realizing you are in a gay bar," he said, adding. "The people in tonight enjoyed being in our place."

And his bar didn't have to worry about any repeat of the scenes Vikings fans endured during the NFC Championship Game – it sounds like the all had a great time.

"The Eagles fans were very rowdy and fun. We enjoyed having them in our establishment."

By the end, Hopkins added, the bar was filled with just as many Patriots fans as Eagles.

"The Super Bowl is supposed to bring everyone together that loves football," Hopkins added. "That is how the Eagle felt tonight."

The Eagles and Patriots fans helped the Eagle Bolt Bar to its best night of Super Bowl week, with Hopkins saying that it was the first night his business has actually benefited from the game.

"Our regulars stayed away wanting to avoid downtown this weekend," he said.

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