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The eaglets from the DNR's EagleCam have left the nest

They're growing up so fast.

The three eaglets featured on the Minnesota DNR's EagleCam have taken flight.

In a video update posted Tuesday about the three little birds, the DNR said they've left the nest and are testing their wings, catching fish, and exploring.

Unfortunately, the EagleCam failed back in April, so people couldn't log on to the DNR's website to catch a glimpse of the eaglets growing up.

The broken camera also prevented the DNR from getting updates on how the eagles were doing, so they relied on local photographers and those who visited the nest for information. Over the past few weeks, many people posted updates and photos to a Minnesota DNR Eagle Cam Facebook group.

In the DNR's video, Lori Naumann of the DNR's Nongame Wildlife Program said they believe the eagles fledged about a week ago (that's a lot earlier than normal – typically eagles leave the next around July 4), but they're still getting used to life outside of the nest.

For more on these eagles, watch the video above or check out the Facebook group here.

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