Enigmatic Prince deletes social media accounts, and nobody knows why

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Prince hit the headlines Tuesday after deleting all of his social media accounts and, in typically mysterious fashion, didn't tell anyone why.

The enigmatic Minneapolis superstar deleted his 3rdEyeGirl Facebook and Twitter accounts, and removed all but three videos from his Princevevo Youtube page, according to NME.

His Facebook page had only been active for two months, in which time it had gained 1.75 million followers. The pint-sized impresario notoriously hosted a live question and answer session with fans shortly after it launched – in which he only answered one question, USA Today reports.

The Star Tribune speculates the removal might have something to do with the Michael Brown grand jury decision in Ferguson, with retweets of those responding to the decision appearing to be the last interaction from the 3rdEyeGirl account.

But GigWise has suggested the decision may be musical, with fans speculating that the deletion of the pages could signal an end of his project with 3rdEyeGirl, the name of his current backing band.

USA Today notes that the social media withdrawal has not extended to music streaming service Spotify, with his tracks still listed on the site.

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