Exclusive dating app called 'Tinder for elites' launching in Minneapolis this week

They don't let just anyone join, and it ain't free.

You might not be good enough to get into The League, the new dating app debuting in the Twin Cities this week.

Described as "Tinder for elites," The League is an exclusive pay service that carefully vets all of its prospective members, giving priority to people with a higher level of education and "professional achievement."

And attractiveness plays a role in the selection process, too. 

The San Francisco-based startup is openly encouraging of what some might call "picky daters," saying there's nothing wrong with wanting potential dates to meet your high standards, physical or otherwise.

"So you want to date someone who shares your education level and ambition?" the official website asks. "And maybe, just maybe... attractive enough to at least look good in black-and-white photos, with a height that meets your way-too-restrictive height preferences." 

No big deal, the company reassures visitors. It's all part of playing matchmaker to what the service's founder calls "power couples."

And we weren't kidding about the "exclusive" part. According to Forbes, the dating service currently has a waiting list of 183,000 eager daters. 

In an email press release, The League says it will launch in Minneapolis on Thursday, "to a hand-selected crowd of 500 Minneapolis professionals."

A company spokesperson tells GoMN there's a waitlist of over 2,500 local singles, and that the 500 winners were selected with the help of an algorithm that looks at LinkedIn and Facebook data to determine eligibility.

It took note of things like the industry the users work in, their education background and college degree, social activities, and other information, The League says. 

Check out the infographics below for some insight into the types of local folks applying:

The service says it will host a Minneapolis "launch party" in November.

'A dating app exclusively for good-looking rich kids.'

As you can imagine, all this selectiveness has earned the app a bit of a reputation.

"The media frames The League as elitist," Forbes observes. 

And its founder, Amanda Bradford, acknowledges that in a LinkedIn blog titled "I'm Not an Elitist, Just an Alpha Female."

The press, she says, have described her service as "a dating app exclusively for good-looking rich kids."

But Bradford challenges the notion that she's the next Millionaire Matchmaker, insisting her goal is actually to change the "conventional gender views" of the dating scene.

She's says she's looking to create "equal partnerships" between successful, ambitious individuals, as opposed to matching up "rich men with gorgeous women desiring financial security." 

The League launched in 2014 and is now in over a dozen cities around the U.S. It also recently debuted in Toronto.

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