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Facebook is changing the look of the News Feed and replies

It's supposed to be easier to navigate.

Get ready for a new look from Facebook.

The company is making some significant visual changes to the News Feed and post replies, saying it will make the app easier to navigate.

So what kinds of changes are in store?

The comments section will look a lot more like your text messages, for one:

Every reply gets its own little bubble, and Facebook says it'll be more clear exactly who you're replying to. And – just like Twitter – everyone will have a circular profile photo now.

These types of tweaks carry over to the News Feed:

The like, comment and share buttons are a little bigger (so if you've got big thumbs and hit the wrong thing all the time, that's good news). 

Link previews are larger so you can see a bit more, and there's some new color contrasting so things are easier to read.

There are a few more updates too, including a bigger back button when you're in posts, the ability to see where a link will take you before you click (which seems like a good addition to Facebook's anti-spam initiative), and a new view that makes it more clear who you're replying to while in a post.

When the changes are coming

It's not immediate.

Facebook says these updates will roll out in the coming weeks.

Whether you see these changes before the new live video 'Watch' tab, we're not sure. But keep an eye on when your Facebook app wants to update if you're itching for the new content.

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