Fake chef fools Wisconsin TV stations with gross food concoctions


A warning to TV stations in Minnesota and the Midwest: Be wary of a prospective chef guest named Keith Guerke.

Deadspin reports that "Chef Keith" found his way on to five different local TV morning shows in Wisconsin and Illinois who apparently didn't vet his credentials. As a result, the hosts of the various morning shows were duped by the "chef" into making disgusting concoctions with Thanksgiving leftovers, and clips of the segments are now featured on the website Found Footage Fest.

Appearing to take a page out of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's "Borat" movie, actor Nick Prueher posed as Chef Keith and fooled his way onto morning shows in Wausau, Rhinelander and Milwaukee in Wisconsin, and two stations in Rockford, Illinois, Deadspin says.

While on the shows, Chef Keith got the unsuspecting hosts to make – and eat – such items as mashed potatoes in ice cream cones (with gravy in the bottom of the cup and corn sprinkled on top) and blender concoctions that included ham bits, green beans, corn, dressing and milk.

Chef Keith also went so far as to create fake book signing appearances with his "cookbook" called "Leftovers Right: Making a Winner Out of Last Night's Dinner." He covered his tracks, apparently, by telling at least one host, "I may have to cancel my signing because the books have not arrived."

It's hard to say whether viewers bought into Chef Keith's recipes; but at least one writer from Green Bay news site WIXX covering the ruse recently experienced a strange coincidence.

"This past weekend I attended a friend of mine’s wedding in Minneapolis. They had a couple of hors d'oeuvres tables set up at the reception," wrote Ben Cook. "One contained tomato bruschetta and the other included mashed potato martinis! No joke. Martini glass. Add mashed potatoes. Then toppings like sour cream, gravy, cheese, bacon and ham pieces. It was a bizarre, but VERY yummy idea. Try it."

Found Footage Fest has also posted a collection of the clips on YouTube.

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