Famed creator of indie comic 'Love and Rockets' to speak at MCAD

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The creator of the revolutionary indie comic book "Love and Rockets" is coming to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design to showcase his work, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

Artist Jaime Hernandez, who created the first issue of "Love and Rockets" 32 years ago with this brothers Gilbert and Mario, will be at MCAD Aug. 16 to speak at the exhibit. The exhibit, titled "Jaime Hernandez: 30 Years of Locas," is already underway and runs through Aug. 18.

Hernandez has been lauded over the years for his comics, which instead of featuring superheroes has focused on true-to-life stories of a rag-tag group of friends living outside of Los Angeles.

The Mexican-American artist told MPR that when he started the comic book, "there just really wasn't that much known about my culture in comics, in TV, in movies, even. And if it was handled, it was handled poorly because people really didn't know it."

In addition to MCAD, Hernandez will be a special guest at Autopic -- a festival of independent comics, music, posters and art -- in Minneapolis on Aug. 18.

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