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Feeling fringy? Minneapolis has a show for you – actually, 168 of them


According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word fringe when used as an adjective means: "Not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme."

Does that sound like the kind of theater performance you might be interested in?

If so, there are a few Minneapolis neighborhoods that will have something right up your alley from now through the end of next week. It's the 23rd edition of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Their website has descriptions of the 168 hour-long shows being presented at 18 venues in Uptown, Northeast, and on the West Bank.

They're listed alphabetically, by genre (dance, drama, musical theater, for example), and by venue.

The Star Tribune sees the Fringe as something like a theatrical version of Airbnb or Uber: "...a perfect metaphor for a 21st century that has moved away from big mainframe models and toward individualized satisfaction in many realms."

It's all on the wrist

Veteran Fringe-goers should be alert to the change in ticketing this year. Actually it's not ticketing, it's wristbanding. Buy a wristband and it gets you into as many shows as you care to see on that day. Then do it again the next day if you're so inclined. They can be purchased online and you can book a seat on the website, too.

The festival's executive director tells the Pioneer Press the wristband system has been well received in the early going.

At $16 on weekdays and $22 on weekends, the Business Journal notes the move to wristbands amounts to a price increase. But Fringe organizers hope the system will encourage people to stay for more shows.

Attendance at last year's festival was just over 50,000 and the Star Tribune says Minnesota's is the third largest among the burgeoning number of fringe festivals around the country.

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