First ice-out reported on Minnesota lake – 3 weeks later than usual

Congratulations Lake Pepin.
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In case you hadn't noticed, we've had a prolonged winter.

So prolonged, that Friday marked the first day this year that "ice-out" has been declared on a Minnesota lake.

That lake is Pepin, in southeast Minnesota, which was officially designated navigable three weeks later than the average.

Lake Pepin's earliest ice out on record was Feb. 29 in 2000, while its latest was May 20 in 1843.


– Minnesota's May is expected to be colder than normal.

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Every other lake in the state however is still considered frozen, and it could take several more weeks for some – particularly those in the north – to be ice-free.

Budd Lake, near the Iowa border, is usually the first to declare ice-out, but it's now having its latest ice-out on record.

There are concerns that Green Lake, in Kandiyohi County, will still be frozen when the Governor's Fishing Opener is held there May 10-13.

This weekend's warm temperatures should help accelerate the melt, with the NWS noting on Thursday that the snow pack is rapidly receding across the state as temperatures closer to spring-like return.

Nonetheless the remnants from the snow could have a bearing on the weather in May, with meteorologists suggesting Minnesota could be in for a below-average coming month.

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