First McDonald's location in Minnesota selling burgers for 60 cents today

The Twin Cities location is celebrating its 60th birthday.

You might not guess by looking at it, but there's a lot of history wrapped up in the McDonald's on Snelling Avenue in Roseville, Minnesota. 

It's the site of Minnesota's very first McDonald's location, and it's celebrating 60 years in business on Monday. 

As part of the festivities, the restaurant will be selling its signature hamburgers and cheeseburgers for 60 cents, an employee told GoMN over the phone (though the burgers cost about 15 cents in 1957, when the Roseville Mickey D's first opened).

But cutting prices back to the Eisenhower era isn't the only way the restaurant is getting nostalgic on Monday. 

KARE 11 says workers will also be wearing "throwback uniforms" (the store told GoMN that'll include white shirts and white hats, capturing the look of crew members in the '50s). 

"Many neighbors, retired employees and community partners along with the media will be here on Monday," the location's owners said in an email news release.

The celebration, which includes a birthday cake cutting, starts at 11:15 a.m.

Roseville Mayor Dan Roe will be on hand to commence the birthday party, KARE 11 reports.

The Golden Arches in Minnesota

If you're thinking the Roseville McDonald's is a little too modern-looking to be the chain's first franchise in Minnesota, you're right.

A Pioneer Press piece from 2009 says the original building was torn down in 1972, rebuilt, and subsequently bulldozed again in 1998. So the location you see today is the third structure.

However, it's on the same spot as its ancestor, and in fact still has the same address – 2075 Snelling Ave. N.

On top of that, Minnesota actually played a big role in the history of McDonald's. The chain's self-described founder, Ray Kroc, met his future wife Joan in a Twin Cities piano bar in 1957, while on a mission to bring the Golden Arches to Minnesota. 

(You can watch their courtship – and Kroc's Minnesota adventures – in the 2016 biopic The Founder.)

Joan, who was born in West St. Paul and died in California in 2003, went on to make a name for herself through massive donations to charity, and last year was described by Time as "one of the greatest philanthropists of the 20th century."

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