For less than a grand, you can buy the Ghostbusters car ... kinda

The 1991 Chevy Caprice has been modified, and is now for sale.

If you ain't afraid of no $950 price tag, you could buy a version of the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1 in time for Halloween.

Don't get too excited, because it's not quite the 1959 Cadillac depicted in the beloved movies, but a modified 1991 Chevy Caprice that's been put on Craigslist by a guy called Dave in Stillwater.

In his listing, he reveals he bought the car about six months ago, got it running, "put some work and money into it," but is selling because "we have had our fun and now we are done."

Along with the Ghostbusters livery adorning the sides, the top of the station wagon features a selection of plastic piping and containers designed to mimic the vehicle that once transported Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson around the streets of New York.

As Dave says, "Halloween is almost here" and describes the car as the "perfect addition/prop for your Ghostbuster party."

"This car is definitely unique and gets lots of looks," he adds – and we can believe it.

A word of warning for anyone interested, however: while it's got new front brakes, battery, PS line, underbody LED lighting and is "generally awesome," a very honest Dave admits it needs some TLC.

"Lots of stuff doesn't work or is generally sketchy, needs additional brake work, tires, and 3rd gear is missing, unknown mileage etc."

But wow, what a way to put a spin on the car's deficiencies: 

"Park it as a prop or fix it or part it out or demolition derby it, the possibilities are endless..." the post says.

The genuine article will cost you more ... a lot more

If you're a stickler for authenticity, there have been people who have modified actual 1959 Cadillacs, which when built were used as hearses or ambulances, so they resemble Ecto-1.

GetSurrey reports of a man in the U.K. who did just that and put it up for sale on eBay. 

He was looking for a LOT more than $950, looking for upward of $230,000 to part ways with the classic car.

He may have been over-estimating its value, however, with one of only three genuine Ecto-1 vehicles authorized by Sony for use in the Ghostbusters movies being sold by the Barrett Jackson auction house for a much more reasonable $88,000.

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