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Forbes says America's 'hottest retailer' is right here in Minneapolis

Men's lifestyle store, Martin Patrick 3, is attracting national attention.

What's happening?

We're hip, apparently. At least, MartinPatrick 3 in Minneapolis' North Loop is, according to this piece by Forbes magazine.

The magazine has called the men's lifestyle store the "Hottest retailer in America's hottest retailing city" – which is apparently Minneapolis.



What started out as a 1,000-square foot interior design studio in the mid-'90s has since grown to become a sprawling, 17,000-square-foot one-stop shop for the modern, urban man.

Interior design still plays a major role, but it's now combined with furnishings, apparel and accessories targeted at the aesthetically-aware single man.

It occupies a space in the warehouse-apartment conversion Mecca that is the North Loop near fellow trendy retailers like Askov Finlayson and D.Nolo.

Co-founder Greg Walsh told Forbes that they've benefited from the gap in the market caused by the struggles and exit of national chains Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's and Neiman Marcus from downtown Minneapolis.

And Minneapolis is trendy too?

But we already knew that, right?

To be fair, in making this assertion, Forbes is deferring to another website magazine, Fast Company, which in November put the spotlight on "The Future of Retail in the Age of Amazon."

It highlighted five retailers making strides in bringing shoppers back to the stores, and three of them – the Mall of America, Target and Martin Patrick 3 – are Twin Cities-based.

Of MartinPatrick 3, Fast Company referred to its store as a "cathedral of high-fashion menswear" that "looks like what would have happened if Willy Wonka had gone to Parsons School of Design."

Target meanwhile gets plaudits for bringing more of its exclusive brands back in house, teaming up with celebrated designers to collaborate on new lines that are proving a huge hit with shoppers.

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