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Forecasters: Frigid Christmas will give us a taste of the rest of winter

Minnesota is likely to see below average temps to start 2018.

What's happening?

The National Weather Service released its long-range forecast for the first three months of 2018 – namely, the depths of winter.

What can we expect?

Probably colder temperatures and more snow than usual, the NWS says.

Minnesota is included in a narrow band of projected colder-than-average temperatures over those three months.

There's a 50-60 percent chance this time period will be colder than usual, as this map shows.

The average highs for Minnesota during January and February are 24 and 29 respectively, with average lows of 8 and 13, according to U.S. Climate Data, so plan for colder than that.

Temps are expected to plunge over Christmas, with a high of 0-10 in the Twin Cities predicted for Christmas Day, with nighttime lows of -10 to 0.

So it looks like Christmas will give us a little taste of the temperatures we can expect for the rest of winter, if the weather service's projections come to fruition.

Didn't you mention snow?

Yes. While December has seen waaaay below average snow levels in Minnesota, the NWS seems to think that could change going forward.

You've heard that before, right? Well yes, models are subject to change – nonetheless here's what the NWS is suggesting.

Most of Minnesota is in the band showing there's a 33-40 percent chance we'll get more precipitation (snow) than usual between January and March.

The Twin Cities gets 12.1 inches on average in January and 7.8 inches in February.

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