Former Minnesota TV anchor high on CNN?

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Call it Randi Kaye's "career high." notes that CNN's Anderson Cooper had some fun with the former Twin Cities newswoman's "contact high" during the last day of a weeklong "Gone to Pot" series on the burgeoning marijuana industry in Colorado.

During Cooper's nightly "Ridiculist" segment on "AC360," the anchor chronicled Kaye's daily reports from Colorado, which culminated with a daylong limousine ride with some pot smokers.

Marijuana smoke floats around during the segment from what Kaye described as joints that looked like "small canons."

The exposure looked to have affected Kaye during a live shot with Cooper, as she admitted how her brain was "fuzzy" when she got out of the car and couldn't remember the questions she was going to ask her interview subjects.

Kaye also got the giggles when talking with the news host.

"I think we got a little bit of a 'contact high' there," Kaye told Cooper.

Cooper seemed to have little doubt while assessing the segment with his group of panelists.

"I think she was high," Cooper said. "She was red in the face and riding in that limo all day long."

Kaye worked at FOX 9 and WCCO as reporter and anchor during her time in the Twin Cities.

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